GDPR on your Website We Will Write GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy And Terms And Conditions

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions provided by Online Hosting Solution

We provide complete legal solution for your brand identity and website as we prepare, among others, the following documents required for your website:

1. Privacy Policy
2. Terms and Conditions
3. Disclaimer
4. Copyright Notice
5. Legal Section

We ensure that we take care of the compliance and legal requirements of your Website so that you may focus on your business.

The difference between our service and others providing privacy policy and terms and conditions is that most of those sellers offering similar services are not lawyer.
A non-lawyer writer can surely write a great essay but he cannot DRAFT a legal document providing fool proof legal cover to the clients.
We working only with fully licensed Lawyers.

More Informations about GDPR:

GDPR Compliant Starting at just £129.95/site